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paraphrasing examplesParaphrasing is tough especially to those who don’t have the experience. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by getting our instant paraphraser to use as a guide. Paraphrasing examples are everywhere. You can get them from books or even online. The trick is to understand how the entire process is done from changing the words to rearranging their order to construct an entirely new paragraph while still retaining the original idea.

A Paraphrase Example


“Students tend to quote directly from their source to the point that their research paper is peppered with it. At least 10% of the manuscript should be direct quotes while the rest should be written in your own words.  It is imperative that you reduce the amount of information that you transcribe directly from the source.”


“When writing a research paper, students often use direct quotes aplenty making the final manuscript packed with it. The final manuscript should only have around 10% of direct quotes so that your ideas will be presented well. This is why you need to make it a point to lessen direct transcription when writing your paper.”

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