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It can be frustrating to be saddled with a paraphrasing job especially if you have other tasks that need to get done. What’s even more daunting is if you need to paraphrase several pages in just a short time. The good news is that it is easier to get the help that you need thanks to the Internet. You only need to look for a paraphrase essay online service to get that extra assistance just so you can focus on other tasks on hand.  If you are looking for professional paraphrasing help, we are here to offer our services.

“Paraphrase My Essay” or Paraphrasing on Your Own?

If you feel like you can cope with the task on your own, then here’s a short handy guide for you on how to properly paraphrase an essay:

  1. Get to know the original. No matter what type of text it is, if you don’t know what’s it all about, how can you put it into your own words? Read and reread the original passage until you have everything sorted. Doing some additional research is also a plus. You’d surprised how many people jump into paraphrasing not really knowing what they’re writing about but simply picking logical synonyms for the given words. This approach will not get you anywhere.
  2. Make notes. You can’t keep everything in your mind so if you had some useful thoughts on the subject, write them down, you might need them later.
  3. Step away from the original. Now that you’re familiar with the information, close the source material and don’t even peek there. If you write while looking at the original, your brain might have something of a glitch where it just gets stuck on the same words. It’s better to first write on your own and then compare it and fix mistakes.
  4. Compare and edit. Now read the original once more and compare it to your version. Have you managed to convey the same idea? Did you use too much of the original text? Analyze the work and make your edits.
  5. Write down the numbers. If you do decide to incorporate your paraphrasing into the paper, record the name of the source and page numbers.
  6. Proofread. A mission that is as important as the paraphrasing itself. Your final grade may really suffer if you have some tiny grammatical errors. You may use online checkers to pinpoint those mistakes and fix them faster.

Professional Paraphrase Essay Online Service

paraphrase essay onlineWhat sets us apart from other paraphrasing and summarizing services is the fact that we offer both online tools as well as hand rewriting experts. Even if you need to paraphrase citation, we have the best people working for us to assist you. We offer our clients a place to get all their paraphrasing needs to be addressed regardless of whether they want to rewrite a sentence, a paragraph or their entire essay. Once you send your order to us, we will assign a writer to you or you can make use of our online tool whichever you prefer. The best part when hiring us is that you’ll get a lot of savings from us due to our affordable rates. We offer paraphrasing of all essay types:

  • Narrative essays
  • Descriptive essays
  • Expository essays
  • Persuasive essays
  • Compare & Contrast Essays
  • Cause & Effect Essays
  • Argumentative Essays

Expert Paraphrasing in Essays

paraphrasing in essaysWhen it comes to paraphrasing you need to make sure that you rewrite the original content in such a way that it reflects your way of writing. Not all paraphrasing companies can do this successfully. This is one of the reasons why you should always look for a tried and tested rewriting company that can guarantee quality paraphrasing no matter how small or big your order is.

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