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There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind when you are paraphrasing more so that any errors could easily compromise the overall excellence of your paper. Paraphrasing can be a tough task and you should understand the right approach to make sure that your final paper will be top notch. For those who are constantly struggling with paraphrasing, there are professional services available online. Paraphrase for me is a great solution for the majority that finds it impossible to accomplish their task on time.

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The main feature with paraphrase for me is the availability of expert writers in which you can easily get the best help online anytime you need help. More and more people are discovering the wonders of online solutions; paraphrasing is now made easier thanks to the expertise and professionalism of writers. Paraphrase services are perfect especially for those who require last minute assistance as you can enjoy quick and user-friendly help. Make sure that you avail paraphrasing help online to ensure the submission of a flawless, plagiarism free and original paper! Among our features are:

  • Free plagiarism report
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Paraphrasing Techniques: How to Save Your Time

Paraphrasing is quite a tedious work, there’s no denial. But who told you that it has to be like that? There are a few useful techniques that can help you shorten the time spent on rewriting normally:

  1. Change a word from one speech to another. Instead of trying to come up with a suitable synonym, simply use another part of speech. (Original:  Medical professor John Swanson says that global changes are influencing the spread of disease. / Paraphrase:  According to John Swanson, a professor of medicine, changes across the globe are causing diseases to spread (James, 2004).)
  2. Change the forms of numbers and percentages. Not many people know about this tactic, surprisingly. But to avoid plagiarism, you can say, for example, “less than 14 percent” instead of original “around 13 percent”.
  3. Break long sentences into short ones. You may divide a complex sentence into two simple ones.
  4. Replace active with passive. Another quite simple way of paraphrasing the text is to change active voice to passive. Only make sure that the change is appropriate and the new sentence doesn’t sound like some gibberish.

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